How your cash may affect

EU and UK flag

Will their mortgage repayments be lower or higher? Will other investments as well as pensions rise or drop? What’s going to occur to the price of their vacations as well as the worth of sterling abroad?

Sadly there are not any specific answers to these questions, simply a lot of fury and sound.

The Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, said energy prices could soar.

However, is the gloom overdone? A spokesman for the investment adviser Tilney Bestinvest, Jason Hollands, considers so.

He explained: “The UK stock market is controlled by big international firms, whose operation isn’t closely linked to national UK problems. Marketplaces do not like doubt and there are actual dangers near. Nevertheless, the Chinese market, US interest rates and oil-price movements tend to be more important risk factors.”

But in case you are not unhappy to be invested in the stock market you have to prepare yourself to accept some unpredictability. In the event you can not, then you should not be invested.”