Malaysian Psychologist

In Malaysia, a clinical psychologist is considered to be a professional. The professional association was formed in the early 2000s, when a group of clinical psychologists worked to gain a professional voice and register. However, due to a small number of members, the establishment of such an association was delayed. Issues that necessitated such an association included professional registration, representation, regulation and indemnity. The first meetings of the association were held at HELP University College.

Pay of a Malaysia psychologist

The pay of a Malaysia psychologist varies depending on the level of experience and educational qualification. Most psychologists can expect to earn between RM29,356 and RM31,136 per year. Bonus rates are also a factor, with senior employees and top management earning up to triple the national average. In Malaysia, the average hourly wage is RM62.

Psychologist salaries in Malaysia are high, with an average annual raise of 14%. This is higher than the United States, where the average annual salary increase is 9%. With the right experience and education, a psychologist in Malaysia can earn between $50,000 and $180,000 per year.

Qualifications required

If you want to become a Malaysian psychologist, you have to have the right qualification. These professionals are usually found in hospitals and psychiatric wards. They can also work in rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, and disability services. In addition to these settings, psychologists can also work in private practice.

Having a graduate degree in psychology can help you find employment in a variety of fields. For instance, you could specialize in school psychology, clinical psychology, or industrial-organizational psychology. You would need a state license to practice full-time, though. The demand for psychologists in Malaysia is growing rapidly.

Career options

A career as a psychologist in Malaysia is a rewarding and lucrative choice. The median salary for an experienced clinical psychologist in Malaysia is around $74,000 per year. Some psychologists specialize in specific areas of psychology, such as sports psychology. Forensic psychologists, for example, may work in police departments or juvenile detention centers.

While clinical psychologists represent only a small percentage of the Malaysian population, they make a big contribution to the health system. They screen patients and advise on the best way to treat them. Psychologists in Malaysia can work in teaching departments in any hospital. A clinical psychologist’s day-to-day job requires interacting with many types of people.


If you are considering a career as a psychologist in Malaysia, you should be aware of the salary range of this profession. An entry-level psychologist in Malaysia can expect a total pay of around RM 17,000 per month. The pay ranges from a little over half of that for those with two to five years of experience, to nearly double for those with more than ten years. However, the exact pay range depends on the specific job.

Psychologists in Malaysia typically receive salary increments of around 14% every 18 months. This is higher than the national average of 9% every 17 months, but the percentages differ for individuals. Salary increments are based on performance and contribution.